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Vauxhall GAP Insurance

If you are looking to safeguard your latest investment, Vauxhall GAP Insurance could be your perfect solution.

Arguably one of the UK’s best-known motoring brands. Despite a lot of changes through the years, Vauxhall’s identity has remained recognisably British with a focus on affordability and popular appeal.

If you want truly comprehensive cover for your Vauxhall, it’s worth considering GAP Insurance in addition to your standard policy.


Why do I need Vauxhall GAP insurance?

Many motorists take out insurance without considering what would happen in the event of a write-off. This is hardly surprising as no one wants to contemplate a worst-case scenario. But it’s important to consider the possibility and ensure you’re properly protected. After all, around half a million cars are written off every year. 

In such circumstances, it’s important to realise that, however good your insurance policy is, it probably won’t pay out anything like the sum it would take to buy a new like-for-like replacement. There’s a perfectly good reason for this shortfall: it’s called depreciation.


How does GAP Insurance work?

Most insurers pay out the current market value of your car in the event of a write-off. This is typically a lot less than the original market value or the amount it would cost to replace your car with a shiny new model.

New cars typically depreciate very quickly. In fact, you can expect your car’s value to plummet the moment you drive it off the showroom forecourt. After three years it’s likely that depreciation has knocked 60% off the value of your car. So, a £20,000 Vauxhall Astra could be worth £8,000 three years after purchase.

Depreciation inevitably influences insurance claims. In the event of a three-year-old Astra being written off or stolen, the insurance claim would be determined by its present market value. This would leave you £12,000 short of the sum required to buy a like-for-like replacement.

GAP Insurance serves as an additional layer of coverage, effectively bridging the difference between the payout from your standard policy and the amount required to replace your vehicle.


Why choose MotorEasy?

MotorEasy Vauxhall GAP Insurance takes care of this shortfall. It tops up your insurer's pay-out to ensure that you have the amount you need to buy a new like-for-like replacement. GAP Insurance gives you complete peace of mind, even if your Vauxhall’s a write-off.

If you've opted for a car lease or PCP financing, where a write-off could potentially leave you facing significant debt, investing in GAP Insurance becomes even more important. You can learn more in our GAP Insurance guide.

Available for all cars up to 8 years old (or with up to 80,000 miles on the clock), MotorEasy GAP Insurance represents a smart, easy, and affordable way to remove these risks and enjoy your Vauxhall.

  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs
  • FREE MotorEasy account with access to all your car’s details, documents, important reminders, and motoring offers
  • Up to £1000 in motor insurance excesses covered
  • Optional extras and accessories covered (where factory or dealer fitted)
  • Covers European road trips


How much does Vauxhall GAP Insurance cost?

The cost of GAP Insurance for Vauxhalls will depend on the make and model of your car as well as your age. With MotorEasy, it’s up to 75% cheaper than purchasing through a dealer or lender.


How to get a quote

Receiving the best GAP Insurance quote on Vauxhall models is quick and easy once you know how. Our dedicated page gives you all the information you need and as well as access to a handy tool that will help you obtain an estimate in a matter of seconds.