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Toyota GAP Insurance


Toyota GAP Insurance is vital if you are looking to protect your latest investment.

Toyota is the world’s biggest automotive manufacturer for a reason. It produces extremely well-thought-out cars that people want to own. Over the years they have come to specialise in dependable, economically competitive family cars.

It's crucial to make sure that you have the right cover should the worst happen. Read on to learn more about how MotorEasy's GAP Insurance can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your Toyota.


What’s covered with MotorEasy’s Toyota GAP Insurance?

  • Most cars are covered. That includes new and used cars bought from private sellers or dealerships
  • You can save up to 75% on dealer GAP Insurance prices
  • Finance cover includes cars purchased on loans, PCPs, HP and more.
  • Theft, accidental damage, and fire cover included.
  • Up to £1000 in motor insurance excesses covered
  • Optional extras and accessories covered (where factory or dealer fitted)
  • Covers European road trips
  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs
  • FREE MotorEasy account with access to all your car’s details, documents, important reminders, and motoring offers


Why choose MotorEasy’s GAP Insurance?

It’s easy to settle for a standard Toyota insurance policy without considering the financial consequences of a total write-off or theft.

Of course, no one wants to imagine the worst-case scenario, but it really does pay to protect your car and your financial investment against such circumstances. After all, nearly half a million cars are written off in the UK every year. It makes sense to ensure that you’re fully protected. You can learn more in our GAP Insurance guide.

Many drivers discover that their insurance compensation falls short of expectations when faced with a total loss incident. Often, they find themselves significantly lacking the funds required to purchase an equivalent replacement. The reason for this shortfall comes down to one important factor: depreciation.

Gap Insurance supplements this, filling the gap between the standard policy payouts and the amount required to replace your vehicle.


Understanding depreciation

Your car’s market value will typically begin to depreciate the moment you drive it out of the dealership. It will most likely continue to depreciate at an alarming rate thereafter. In fact, three years after you purchase a new car its value is likely to have depreciated by 60%. So, if you bought a Toyota Prius for £25,000, three years later its value may have shrunk to £10,000.

What does this mean for your insurance? Most standard insurance policies pay out the current market value of your car rather than the price you paid when you purchased it new. If you made a claim three years after you bought your £25,000 Prius, you may be looking at a pay-out of just £10,000. This means you’d have to find an extra £15,000 to purchase a new like-for-like replacement.


How much does Toyota GAP Insurance cost?

The cost of GAP Insurance for Toyota vehicles varies based on the particular model of your car and your age. With MotorEasy, it’s up to 75% cheaper than purchasing through a dealer or lender.


Get a GAP Insurance quote today

Getting the best GAP Insurance quote for your Toyota is quick and easy. Visiting our dedicated page will give you all the information you need to help you obtain a quote that suits your needs.