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Mini GAP Insurance


If you are looking for a sure fire way to protect your latest investment, then Mini GAP Insurance could be the perfect solution.

When you think of a "British Car," one of the first images that comes to mind is undoubtedly a Mini. Minis are as iconic and synonymous with Britain as the Royal Family and a good cup of tea. With appearances in major blockbusters like "The Italian Job" and James Bond, it's no wonder Mini owners take immense pride in their beloved cars.

But what if one day you awoke to find your Mini missing from your driveway, or if an unfortunate accident left it written off during your commute from work? While these may not be pleasant scenarios to think about, both you and your Mini deserve the utmost protection. This is precisely why having GAP Insurance is an essential choice for any Mini owner.


What is Mini GAP Insurance and why do I need it?

You've likely heard the term 'GAP Insurance' before, but what exactly does it mean? In essence, GAP Insurance acts as a bridge between the payout from your standard car insurance provider and the cost of acquiring a like-for-like replacement car, particularly if your cherished Mini meets an unfortunate end and gets written off.

You might assume that your car insurance provider would provide you with an amount close to what you initially paid for your beloved Mini, but that's not the case. In reality, insurance providers typically pay what they consider to be the current market value of your Mini, which can often be significantly less than your original purchase price.

How is it that they can justify this payment shortfall? The answer lies in the concept of depreciation. Essentially, the moment your brand-new Mini rolls out of the showroom, its value experiences a substantial drop because it is no longer in a brand-new condition. This depreciation continues year by year, which is far from ideal for any car owner. In fact, within the first three years of owning a new Mini, it could depreciate by up to a staggering 60%.

To illustrate this depreciation concept further, let's consider the numbers: You visit your nearest Mini showroom and happily part with £40,000 to drive home a brand-new Mini. This moment fulfills a lifelong dream. However, as you leave the showroom and hit the road, the car's value immediately decreases to £35,000. Over a year, it further diminishes to £28,000, then to £22,000 after two years, and so on.

Now, let's fast forward three years and imagine your Mini is, unfortunately, written off. Prepare yourself for what the insurance company might offer: a mere £15,000. That's quite a disparity from your initial £40,000 investment three years ago.


What if you lease your Mini rather than outright own it?

If you’re financing your car through a lease or a PCP arrangement, the case for obtaining GAP cover becomes even more compelling. A write-off could potentially leave you stuck in substantial debt.

Imagine this scenario: You've made a significant deposit for your Mini, and you're committed to making monthly payments for the next five years until you finally own the car outright. If, however, your car is written off after only two or three years into the lease agreement, and you're left depending solely on the payout from your car insurance company, there's a likelihood it won't cover the remaining payments.

Consequently, you could find yourself in a situation where you're still making payments for a Mini you no longer possess, all the while lacking the financial means to secure a deposit for another Mini.


Mini GAP Insurance with MotorEasy?

MotorEasy GAP Insurance extends its protection to virtually any car, provided it's no older than 8 years or hasn't exceeded 70,000 miles. This represents your intelligent, uncomplicated, and cost-effective strategy to bid farewell to those concerns and enjoy your Mini experience.

As for your Mini Gap Insurance, the quote and coverage will be meticulously tailored to your choice of Gap Insurance. At MotorEasy, we offer coverage for common write-offs brought about by:

  • Accidental damage
  • Fire
  • Theft


What benefits do you get with Mini GAP Insurance coverage from MotorEasy?

We recognise just how important your Mini is and, as a result, we've compiled an array of benefits when you select our Gap Insurance:

  • Complimentary access to a MotorEasy account, offering you the ability to review all your car's particulars, vital documents, timely reminders, and exclusive motoring offers.
  • Coverage of up to £1000 in motor insurance excesses.
  • Inclusion of optional extras and accessories, provided they are factory or dealer-fitted.
  • Planning a European road trip? We've got you covered.
  • Additionally, take advantage of savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repair services.

For comprehensive information on our benefits and inclusions, please refer to our GAP Insurance guide.


How Much Does Mini Gap Insurance Cost?

When it comes to Mini GAP Insurance, we offer tailored coverage designed to match your Mini's specific age and model. Here at MotorEasy, our primary focus is on delivering significant cost savings, amounting to up to a substantial 75% reduction when compared to getting coverage from a dealership or a lender. However, our commitment extends far beyond mere financial savings; we are equally dedicated to providing your Mini with the high-quality protection it truly deserves.

Our team of experts is at your service, ensuring that your Mini remains in safe hands. Therefore, by choosing MotorEasy, you're not just making significant financial savings but also gaining the peace of mind that arises from having a professional crew dedicated to safeguarding both you and your cherished vehicle.


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