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Alfa Romeo GAP Insurance

Should your cherished Alfa Romeo face a total write off, the payout from your insurance will likely disappoint, often reflecting only its current "Market Value" rather than its purchase price.

Imagine buying a new Alfa Romeo Giulia for £30,000. The moment you drive it out of the dealership, its value starts to depreciate. By the time it's three years old, it might have lost as much as 60% of its initial value. In such a scenario, a typical insurance payout might only amount to £12,000. This leaves you with a significant £18,000 gap if you're aiming to replace it with a brand-new Giulia of the same model.

MotorEasy GAP Insurance steps in precisely here: to bridge this financial gap. It's available for all Alfa Romeo cars up to 8 years old and with 70,000 miles or less.

Each policy is different, covering you for different circumstances and also depending on how you purchased your Alfa Romeo - this can include finance GAP insurance, Return To Value Gap Insurance (allowing you to purchase the same car again) and Return to Invoice (full value insurance).


Why do I need GAP Insurance for my Alfa Romeo?

Your Alfa Romeo starts to lose value as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Within a short amount of time the gap between what you paid and the ‘market value’ of your car can become sizable, this is often felt during a time when insurance companies need to pay you for the car, likely due to a write off

Purchasing your Alfa Romeo with finance can also pose additional considerations, if the insurance valuation doesn’t meet the outstanding finance on the car. GAP Insurance can top up the traditional insurance companies valuation to ensure you aren’t out of pocket. 

Alfa Romeo provides luxurious vehicles, owners often invest a significant amount of money into their vehicle, GAP insurance provides that peace of mind you’ll be better compensated in the event of write off or theft. 

Get a newer model: some of our GAP policies ensure you are covered when it comes to replacing your Alfa Romeo, ensuring you can continue to enjoy the same quality and luxury that you are accustomed to. 

There are several coverage options available to Alfa Romeo owners, GAP insurance offers a layer of protection beyond standard car insurance.

Want to learn more? We have a dedicated guide on GAP insurance.


What does Alfa Romeo GAP insurance cover?

Selecting the perfect GAP Insurance for your Alfa Romeo isn't just about general protection; it's about the wider perks that matter most to our customers. At the heart of our offering is coverage for write-offs due to:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Fire

But with MotorEasy, Alfa Romeo owners get more than just standard coverage. We offer a suite of benefits tailor-made for your driving and ownership experience:

  • Coverage of up to £1000 for motor insurance excesses
  • Protection for optional extras and accessories, as long as they're factory or dealer fitted
  • Covers European road trips 
  • Discounts on MotorEasy maintenance and repair services
  • A complimentary MotorEasy account to keep all your Alfa Romeo's details, documents, and reminders in one place, along with exclusive motoring offers

With MotorEasy, safeguard your Alfa Romeo the way it deserves.


How much does Alfa Romeo GAP Insurance cost?

Pricing your Alfa Romeo GAP Insurance? Get a quote here. At MotorEasy, expect savings up to 75% compared to dealer rates, tailored for your model and age. Plus, with our expertise and comprehensive coverage, your prized Alfa Romeo gets top-tier protection. 

Getting your quote

Getting your MotorEasy Alfa Romeo GAP Insurance quote is quick and easy. Our dedicated page gives you all the information you need and access to a handy tool that will supply you with a quote in a matter of seconds!